You Capture- Colors

This week was so fun! I was with my two great friends, Ellen and Thea, in Pittsburgh for a girl’s weekend. We ate a lot, laughed even more, got pedicures and just got caught up on each other’s lives since Thea moved away last year. Everywhere we went, Thea and I were looking for colors. We tried not to step on each other’s toes (especially after the pedicure!) and took different pictures to share for this week.

Love these colors:

This was a beautiful Episcopalian church on the way from the restaurant back to the hotel:

This ice cream shop had a bright red ceiling:

This building with the russet roof caught my eye as we walked around downtown:

This was in a deli we went to for lunch on Saturday:

Notice the blue light coming over the top of the door:

And my favorite picture:

This week I actually downloaded Picasa and it’s far better than the editing I was doing with Kodak Easyshare software. Where have I been? Under a rock??

I’m looking forward to heading over to Beth’s to see what everyone else captured!

You Capture- Expression

I found this week to be a bit difficult. The kids have the best expressions when I don’t have my camera. I also thought about expression in nature, art, etc. but didn’t have time to take my camera around and explore.

So this is my hodgepodge of “expressions” from this week:

Zach was poring over Jason’s dissertation resource and “expressing” the numbers. It was hilarious.

He was not happy when we went to take a walk and everyone else ran down a big hill and he couldn’t.

Colin, after he ran back up the big hill.

“I don’t want to blow it…”

“You blow it!”

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You Capture- Joy

I wasn’t sure if we were to capture someone being joyful or what brings me joy. I chose the latter. When I think of what my JOY is, my family immediately comes to mind.

Like this first one…is there any wonder I just bought one of these?

Sometimes I love a picture that is too bright.

And my little Zachary. Today is his birthday. My little caboose is such a treasure.

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You Capture- Fun

“Fun”, says Zachary as he’s working on a task. This new word he’s learned means much more than one little adjective can convey. His eyes, his body language, his tone of voice all say, “This is the best thing ever, I can’t imagine doing anything else!” Then he’ll grin and get back to work. Whether it’s cars, playdoh, or helping around the house, his idea of fun makes me smile. And, hey, let’s hope he continues to think emptying the dishwasher is such a joy! Somehow, I’m not thinking I should hold my breath…

And just for “fun” I thought I’d throw in these adorable pictures from our January trip to Disney. The water play area with long “noodles” of flying water got the kids wet and giggling for an hour, at least.

They definitely fit with the theme, and I just think my kids are adorable! Who wouldn’t agree with that!

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You Capture- Spring

I missed the challenge last week, as I was in NC visiting family. I wanted to post my “reflection” shots, before moving on. This first shot was taken at a little deli on the NC shore where we stopped for ice cream.

This was actually a shot I found in my archives from last spring. It is the front of our church.

This is also a cheater shot, as it was from last spring. We had a family of birds take up residence and this little fledgling hung out on our deck while his pop tried to teach him to fly. You can see his little baby-feather tufts. So cute!

And this last one was one I took today as there’s a gorgeous blue sky without a wisp of cloud. I love tulips, they are so slender and delicate and vibrant. It makes it feel like spring around here!

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You Capture- week 4 (shadow)

I found this week’s capture to be harder than the last ones. We didn’t have many sunny days this week and I could get out and about to find interesting subject matter. I snapped a few pictures of everyday things (my front porch railing and the fire hydrant near our driveway, the kids with their faces shadowed by the playset railing) and finally settled on the trees photo to focus on. The latter two pictures were taken at a park. I wish I had mature trees like that in our backyard! I lightened the last one up a bit and put it in black and white for more contrast.

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You Capture- week 3 (Texture)

I couldn’t decide which of these two pictures I liked best. The shadow on the portrait-oriented photo was interesting to me, yet the texture is more apparent in the other shot. I like how the netting adds another textural element.
This has been a fun way of giving my eye practice! Thanks to Beth for another great theme.

You Capture- week 2 (Perspective)

As I was washing dishes I looked up at the window sill and noticed this gift I received from a voice student last Christmas. It is a jar, beautifully decorated, full of different kinds of beans with a recipe attached for soup. I have not been able to make the soup and destroy her creation. I love the colors, and the way the light from the window creates such a bright negative space.

Thanks to Beth for hosting this great event each week!

Photo Carnival

Edited to add: This is a carnival, not a contest! Oops, my bad! Thanks to Beth for hosting.

The challenge was to avoid using a flash and to take a picture of something I love. Having three boys, I have always loved seeing the dedication they give to their cars. This is Elliot. He learned many vehicle noises before he ever learned to talk. The light coming in the window just made it perfect.

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