Sharing the journey

You probably don’t need any more friends.

You very well may have plenty of believing women to go to when you need a listening ear, a reminder to not take yourself so seriously, a kick in the pants, a spoken heartfelt prayer, and a shoulder to cry on all wrapped up in the same person

If this is the case, you may want to read someone else’s blog for the two weeks beginning September 5th.

For those two weeks I’ll be peeling back the layers of friendship to get to the heart of the hows and whys of true soul-friendships between women.  I myself have been trying to figure it out and have been amazed by how gloriously God has shown up, simply because I asked.

It all started with a New Year’s resolution:

To make friends

And not just “girls’ night out” friends (for I have enough of those), but friends that would also pray for me, friends that would hold my arms up when I got too weary, honest friends that would tell me when I was being dishonoring to my husband, or had my priorities out of whack, or had gone too long without exercising.  Friends that would cry to me and trust me with their deepest pains and fears and who would not be shocked by my own ugliness when I trusted them enough to show it.  Friends who would know enough of my heart to intuitively share the scripture verse I most needed to hear, when I needed to hear it.

It was a tall order.

Join me from September 5th through the 16th as I share what I’ve learned on this Journey to True Friendship.  It has been scary, uncomfortable, and exhilarating…

…and infinitely worth it.


I am sharing this act of journeying with five wonderful women, 
also writing about the travels of their hearts:

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Be sure to visit them as they introduce their series today, 
and come back in September to journey with us.