The year’s {homeschool} personality

Wooded path

This will be my eighth year homeschooling.

This will be my first year sending in notification for my third child.

This will be my last year with anyone “under the radar”, our youngest in Kindergarten.

This will be my first time teaching algebra.

This will be my last year teaching phonics.

Lasts and firsts, all wrapped up in a brand new sparkly year.

What will the personality of our year be?

I have learned to let it happen, to not assume this one will be like last one, and to not assume it won’t be.  Some years have been more organized, some more flexible; some have been more focused on the littles, some on the bigs.  There are years that find me swimming in excitement and motivation, and others that drag me along reluctantly.  One year I had an elaborate and decorative credit card system to help motivate everyone with monthly points and trinkets.  The next year I scrapped it in favor of more interest-directed learning.

Each year blooms differently, and I won’t really know how the petals of this coming year will unfurl until the sun sets on summer and rises on fall. 

I am  beginning the planning process, one that I have well-honed by now.  We’ve been gently homeschooling through the summer and will take the month of August off to travel and refresh ourselves before jumping back in with vigor come September.  I always assumed we’d do things the same way each year.  Now, however, I embrace the ebb and flow of our learning, leaning into whatever comes our way, keeping the skeleton of basics and fleshing it out with creativity and knowledge and family spark.

I can’t wait for the year to start.

Until then, we’ll keep learning and growing and playing and reading, so the transition (mostly in my own mind) is seamless.

How has your homeschool changed over time?  Is there an ebb and flow, or has it remained solid and constant?