Loving Intentions- a Mother’s Day Blessing

Mothering, when you are uncertain, intimidates.

This morning, I kissed the eleven-year-old head leaning against my shoulder, tears creeping from my lids, and remembered my first Mother’s Day.

Eleven years ago.  And I am infinitely more uncertain than I was then.

Now I know the weight that mothering brings, the damage it has the potential to inflict, and the power, the influence to change the world through these souls if we can love above all else.

Love doesn’t just cover a multitude of sins, it loosens sin’s grip, and steals its thunder.

Mothers, our loving intentions shine brighter than the mistakes.

Lord, bless the homes and hearts of all mothers today, and those of all women who pour themselves into the children in their lives.  Multiply the loving intentions, bloom patience, joy and forgiveness in the fertile soil of Your grace.  Amen

Happy Mother’s Day, friends

  • http://alwaysalleluia.com Kris

    This is beautiful, Christine. Really. And yes, I am infinitley more uncertain than I was in the begining. That is an upside down truth for sure. Love you, my friend. So blessed to know you! XOXO