Five Minute Friday…. {empty}


I can’t seem to leave it empty.
This blank that taunts me, knowing that all of who I was and who I still get caught up in being wants to fill it with an add-on.

Jesus-and-being right


And those things I place in that empty space are not bad in themselves.  I am a mom.  Rules make our home work smoothly, the right answer makes the math test productive, and service is what we’re called to in this life of faith.
But Jesus doesn’t need anything to be complete.  He alone is my salvation and the blank needs to remain empty.

I hear whispers in my soul, especially when I’m tired, or worn thin, or pressured to do this or that, and the hissing voice tells me it’s not enough in itself, that I’m not enough, that I need to give more, be more, do more to be welcome at the cross.
So I fill it in.  The blank.  So I don’t have to see that empty place.
But Jesus…

He takes the pencil out of my white-knuckle grip.  He takes the eraser of grace and removes every trace of my add-on.  He enfolds and whispers gently, and the hissing voice goes away.  He tells me I am enough, because He is enough.
“Leave it empty,” He whispers.


A cleansing five minutes….won’t you join in?  The prompt is “empty”. 
*The “Jesus-and-____” concept comes from Eugene Peterson as he introduces Hebrews in the Message paraphrase Bible.  Something that has been on my heart this week….