Gratitude {mental snapshots}

I carry no notebook.

Instead I make myself remember.  I grab the images around me, as I journey through my day, making my memory catch the moments of grace and joy and His fullness.

All moments, even the ones that at first glance don’t seem to be Him.  Because often it’s my sight that needs to be adjusted, the lens I see through that needs focusing.

If I simply look and capture, they are always there.  And come early morning again, when I have my gifts journal waiting, I close my eyes and scroll through the images behind my lids.  I jot them down, pen not nearly moving fast enough, collecting the snapshots in words so I won’t forget.

For His goodness fills, and I must purposefully empty my mind of the unnecessary and the forgettable so I can overflow with that which I truly can’t live without.  My breath, my purpose.

Always counting….

821  a perfect pillow, just the right thickness

822  the sound of Elliot sleeping

823  a sky that piles up with cloud layers, and reminds me of Your beauty

824  smiling faces eating watermelon in the pool

825  warm towels out of the dryer

826  little shirtless boys playing dodge ball

827  salty, crunchy, roasted asparagus

828  answered prayer in friends’ lives, seeing God at work

What snapshots have you taken with your eyes lately?